June 2, 2012
5 years, 4 months and 20 days since
our Reunion.
Our next reuion will be our 60th in 2022.

If you want to see what is going on at the umbrella Madison Alumni site, you can visit
http://www.jamesmadisonalumni.org/ for their events.
Latest News
1 - This is another update with sad news. Lanny Lesser passed away recently and I just received a notice from the wife of Allan Kornblum that he passed away in 2016.

2 - We're still looking for the missing alumni. There are still many alumni that we are curious about. If you have found any or have leads to our "Missing Classmates" please contact us. The statistics below reflect August, 2017, but I'm still trying to locate those whose emails bounced.
     462 - Alumni found and interested in being in the loop
      76 - Not Interested
      87 - Probably deceased
     623 – 75% Found
Identified as Class of '62 Alumni            835
I hope you are all enjoying the site and reconnecting. Please upload any photos you have of the period and write a tribute to one of our classmates who have passed away.


1 - When was the reunion?

The main event was held Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the G2/Gaslight Lounge, Ninth Ave. and 14th St., New York, NY from 6:00 PM to 9:00. At 9:00 the club opened to the public. Many of us stayed for a while and then broke up into groups that went to a local cafe to continue shmoozing. Some of us couldn't stop.

There also was a Friday Meet-and-Greet at Madison, a Saturday breakfast at the hotel, a walk along the West side High Line, a Sunday breakfast at the hotel and a tour of the old neighborhood, followed by lunch at a local restaurant from the "old days."

2 - What else is coming to the Website?

As Madison events are known, they'll be posted. We'll add one more Flashback page for 1962, and then more of the potpourri of images of us as teenagers and other stuff... 

3 - Was there a "Reunion Book" for attendees?

Reunions Unlimited provided a very limited on-line Reunion Book. Most of us will find this website has a lot more information.

4 - How can I get in touch with other alumni?

You can contact anyone who registered on this site via secure email by first registering and then selecting their name to send a message to. If you want to contact an alumni who didn’t register, and isn’t on the “missing” list, contact the site administrator.

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